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When Should You Rewire a House?

If you own an older home that has not had an inspection in a long time, it might just be time for rewiring. But is it worth it to rewire a house? After all, it requires dedicated time and attention. If you ignore the warning signs, it could lead to an electrical fire that can cause death, injuries and damage.

When should you rewire a house?

When choosing your residential electrician Wellington, you need to ensure they are available 24/7 in case of an emergency because electrical issues need to be catered to in a timely manner. Here are some warning signs your house might be due for a rewire.

14 Signs It’s Time To Rewire Your House

1 - Burning Smell:

If you can regularly smell burning around the house but don’t know the source, you might have an electrical issue on your hands.

2 - Circuit Breakers Tripping:

Circuit breakers are designed to trip if the wiring is unable to handle the load, thus preventing an electrical fire. If your circuit breakers are constantly tripping and fuses are blowing out, you need to rewire your house.

3 - Flickering Lights:

If your lights flicker or dim unexpectedly, this signals an overloaded circuit or a loose connection that needs to be looked at immediately.

4 - Hot Switches:

Switches, cords and plugs that get hot easily or are discolored also point to a rewiring.

5 - Bulbs Blowing Out:

If a bulb constantly blows out, it means your fixture can no longer handle the wattage and needs to be looked at by an experienced electrician.

6 - Sizzling Sounds:

If you hear a strange sizzling sound and cannot locate the source, it is a matter of concern and could lead to an electrical fire.

7 - Sparks:

When you plug or unplug a cord and sparks fly.

8 - Loose Outlets:

If the outlets are loose and your plugs either keep falling out or don’t connect properly.

9 - Electrical Shock:

It is a matter of concern if you get an electric shock upon touching sockets or cords.

10 - Sockets Falling Off:

If your socket panels are falling off the wall, you need to have them looked at and cover the exposed wires. It is especially dangerous if you have little kids and pets in the house.

11 - Extension Cords:

If you are relying heavily on extension cords around the house, you need to have extra sockets installed.

12 - Older House:

If your house was built more than 30-40 years ago, you need to consider rewiring it.

13 - Aluminum Wiring:

If your house has aluminum wiring instead of copper, you need to have it changed.

14 - New Appliances:

Installation of major appliances requiring more electrical support than your current system can bear, warrants a rewire.

Can You Relate to These Warning Signs?

If you have come across any of these warning signs recently, it means your property needs to be rewired. Contact your residential electrician Wellington, BlackFox Electrical, who have years of electrical experience under their belt to have your house inspected.

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