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The 5 Most Commonly Faced Electrical Issues That Affect Us Everyday

When you are buying a new house or getting your house constructed, you may not put very enough thought into electrics. But once you start living in your house, electrical issues keep popping up.

The 5 Most Commonly Faced Electrical Issues That Affect Us Everyday

These issues are not only annoying but can be dangerous as well and it is highly recommended to let your problems be solved by a reliable electrician. Wariarapa, NZ and Wellington are two regions around which we can solve all your electrical issues or deal with all kinds of electrical emergencies. Call us on 0277574212 if you are in Wellington and on 0225877275 if you need us in Wariarapa. Electricians are trained in efficient problem solving and equipped with safety tools and are always your best bet.

Here are some of the most common electrical problems and emergencies.

Surges and Dips:

Electrical dips and surges can be caused by the weather, faulty appliances or worn out electrical panels. If you experience appliances rapidly turning on and off or lights getting dim for a brief period and then coming back to their full power, your electrical circuit has this problem.

A sharp spike in charge within power lines cause a push of extra amount of current towards your electric outlets and causes an electrical surge. This can cause detrimental damage to your appliances, reducing their life span considerably.

Overburdened Outlets:

If your house does not have enough working electrical outlets or you use extension cables, there is a high chance that they are overloaded. This can cause frequent surges and tripping in the circuit breaker.

Frequently Tripping Circuit Breaker:

If your circuit breaker trips often, it is doing its best to prevent overheating and fires. It is designed to interrupt the current flow if it detects a problem within the electric system and it tripping is an indication of pertaining electrical issues. You should get it checked ASAP.

Switch Issues and Electric Shocks:

If your switches are not working properly, their fitting might have got lose or wires disconnected. Fault in the circuit line is another reason that causes this issue.

If you or anyone at your house receives an electric shock, it should be considered and treated as an emergency situation. Seek immediate professional help.

High Electricity Bill:

If you feel your bill is higher than your usage, it might be a result of leaks in the hot water system or faulty appliances causing frequent surges. You can switch to LED lighting as well for less electricity consumption.

Electrical issues should not be taken lightly as they can pose serious threat to you and your loved ones. Keep your electric system and appliances repaired and maintained and always seek professional help and advice for all your electrical needs.

BlackFox Electrical serves clients in Wellington, Petone, Lower Hutt all the way to Wairarapa, Featherington, Masterton and Greytown. If you're in one of those locations (or somewhere in between) and find yourself in need of an electrician, get in touch with us today.

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