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Should You Repair or Replace Your Industrial Electrical Control Panel

An electrical control panel’s main function is to receive electricity from your utility company and provide it to your electrical units. Its secondary, but equally significant function is to protect all the connected circuits from overloads and other hazards.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Industrial Electrical Control Panel

An industrial electrical control panel has two types of units on its hands:

  • Units that control the revenue-generating mechanical output frameworks like cranes and refrigeration units.

  • Units with parts controlling the fundamental environmental framework like HVAC and lighting.

Reading the signs

If you notice an increase in the indoor temperature, lower unit efficiency, power dips, metal corrosion, strange smells, or power surges, get the problem inspected. It is likely that the problem lies within the control panel and not the end unit. If you allow the issues to get worse, it might cause more damage to the panel and pose a threat of electrocution and fires.

Make sure you call up a trusted electrician. In Wellington, your best bet is BlackFox Electrical.

Common Reasons for Malfunctioning

If your electrical control panel malfunctions, it can damage your industry’s output resulting in lost incomes and increased costs. So it is imperative to figure out the problem and get it solved.

Jumbled Up Units:

Jumbled up and chaotic industrial electrical control panels result in commotion in impedance. It also makes identifying the source of the hitch much more difficult. Cramped-up wiring is always risky and problematic.

If you have a disorganized unit and it has not yet caused a functioning issue, you can get it fixed and don’t necessarily have to get the whole panel replaced.

Poor Manufacturing:

A non-standard design makes it difficult to install an industrial electrical control panel correctly, which can cause it to malfunction. A poorly manufactured panel has problems like weak and inefficient circuit breakers that do not trip when there are surges and parts that break or get easily damaged.

If you have a standard par panel, you should get it replaced. Make sure to get one manufactured by a company with a legacy in the relevant field.

Overcrowding Under Powered Panels:

All panels come with a maximum power limit and numbered slots for breakers. You need to calculate the total amperes your units are consuming and make sure that each breaker in your control panel is wired to route power that is lower than its limit potential.

This problem calls for a replacement. Call up a good electrician. Wellington is covered. Opt for a panel considering not just your facility’s total power usage but further expansion plans as well.


It matters where your electrical control panel is set up. If it is close to any vibrating gear, vapor-producing units, soil, warmth, or moisture, it can mess with your panel’s performance. If it is installed in a place that is hard to access, the repairs can cost you higher as well.

You need to get it shifted to a better, more suitable place. If you are looking for a great and affordable electrician in Wellington, give us a call.

While setting up your industrial unit, you give little priority to the heart and brain of your electrical system as the problems and their effects are yet to disturb your operations. Thankfully repairs and replacements are possible.

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