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Electrical Wiring Ideas for Your Home Office for Better Productivity

The pandemic forced many businesses across the country to roll out work from home policies. This called for immediate home re-organization as employees had to attend meeting, conferences, and webinars remotely.

Studies reveal that remote work and online education is likely to become a permanent part of our lives. Several factors play a vital role in keeping remote employees productive and efficient. Among which, electrical updates and instalments top the list.

When working from home, make sure you’re utilizing your space efficiently and keeping it free of electrical hazards. Several electricity-powered devices such as laptops, phones, speakers, webcams, and printers are used simultaneously during work day. And therefore, effective wire and cable management can boost productivity and focus.

Electrical wiring and devices organization isn’t just necessary for an appealing home office, it also contributes significantly to employee’s motivation and efficiency.

Here are some tips to make your office clutter-free and aesthetically-pleasing.

Examine the Outlets

First things first, electrical outlets are the primary necessity in a home office. Make sure that your space has enough outlets, so you don’t need to plug in extension cords.

Extension cords aren’t space-friendly and they’re also very risky. Wires create tripping hazards. To make your home office free of extra wires and electrical clutter, get in touch with a professional electrician. They can help you plan an efficient wiring and outlet system.

Opt for a Wall-Mounted Power Strip

A small office space or perhaps a tiny corner by the window shouldn’t keep you from investing in efficient wire management tools for a relaxing and enjoyable work from home routine. Whether you have a room dedicated as a home office space or tiny, quaint corner in your bedroom, strategic use of space can help you stay productive and focused.

To minimize wiring on your desk or floor, opt for wall-mounted power strips or electric panel. These are space-efficient electrical instalments that help you stay safe when dealing with electrical sockets and charging devices.

You can get a vertical power strip installed under your desk or conceal it with a socket concealer. Moreover, keep all the wires tucked into place using twist-ties, Velcro fasteners, or fabric bands.

Dedicated Computer Circuit

Another functional wire management hack is to dedicate one socket for your main PC or laptop. This eliminates the need of plugging wires in and out again which isn’t just a hassle, but also has an adverse impact to your equipment’s circuit system.

A dedicated circuit system will keep your PC isolated from other appliances or device chargers and ensure smooth, surge-free current supply.

Professional Electricians in Wellington & Wairarapa

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