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5 Signs You Should Call an Emergency Electrician

5 Signs You Should Call an Emergency Electrician

In a massive world of home improvement stores, Google and YouTube, there really isn't much that a determined DIYer can't fix around the house. However, there is one area where even accomplished weekend warriors, homefront handymen and women take a break, and that’s electrical work.

Even a trivial slip-up when working with electricity can result in serious injuries that could have potentially deadly consequences. For emergency electrical repairs, this is especially precise; when a person feels an increased sense of urgency to attempt a do-it-yourself remedy on a time crunch as opposed to calling a professional.

Nonetheless, it is best that you contact an emergency electrician right away if you experience any electrical issues. To make it easy for you, here are five signs to answer the question “when to call an emergency electrician”:

Five Signs You Should Call an Emergency Electrician

Sign #1: Buzzing and humming from the breaker box

If you hear loud humming or buzzing from the breaker box, call a Wellington electrician immediately! The sounds indicate a faulty breaker has poor wiring or that’s failing to trip. This can be precarious and can expose your resident to a wide variety of electrical failures.

Sign #2: Burning smell coming from the breaker box or other outlets

You may notice a burning smell coming from an electrical outlet or the breaker box when it’s overheating. Sometimes, you may even notice that the outlet has some burning signs and discoloration. In such a scenario, we advise you to switch off the outlet, unplug all electrical appliances, and call BlackFox Electrical immediately.

Sign #3: Abnormal sparking from electrical outlets

When you attach an appliance to an electric outlet, you might see a small spark, which is normal. However, when an electrical outlet is overloaded, or the wiring wasn’t installed properly or is faulty, the outlets may spark abnormally. For example:

  • Yellow or white-colored sparks instead of the usual blue

  • The spark lasts more than a second before vanishing

  • Massive and easily noticeable sparks as they leap out of the plug

Sign #4: Wires in water

Immediately call a Wellington electrician if you notice wires in water as this can be extremely dangerous! Fire or electrocution can occur if something or someone comes in contact with the water or even an object present within the water.

Sign #5: Exposed wires

Any time you witness an exposed wire or wires in a resident, instantly contact an emergency electrician. Exposed wires often generate the risk of electrocution or fire.

Licensed Emergency Electricians In Wellington and the Wairarapa

It can certainly be hard to tell when to call in an emergency electrician. We understand that you may be hesitant to make a needless call, but when it comes to power or electricity it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you're in need of emergency electrical services contact BlackFox Electrical at 0277574212 and get your electrical needs addressed!

We hope this post helps you understand when to call an emergency electrician! BlackFox Electrical proudly serves Wellington, Petone, Lower Hutt, Wairarapa and surrounding areas.

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