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3 Things to Consider When Selecting Industrial Lighting in Wairarapa

Those who fail to understand the integral role of industrial lighting in overall energy consumption and environmental impact may be missing out on some amazing benefits.

Choosing industrial lighting is very different from choosing light bulbs for your home or office. From productivity to environment-friendliness, several features need to be taken into consideration. In warehousing, power production, and other manufacturing factories, proper lighting fixtures can improve the productivity of workers. This automatically translates into greater output and high returns.

Instead of opting for cheap and basic light bulbs for your industrial facility, consult with an experienced industrial electrician in Wairarapa.

Let’s look at the three main factors that makes great industrial lights.

1.Tailored to the Task

First things first, the illumination system must be suitable to the jobs in a given industrial space. It is imperative to note that industries operating in different sectors have different requirement. For example, an automotive manufacturing unit might require heavy-duty metalwork and precision spray painting; both of which are highly robust and accuracy-demanding tasks.

While the former might require high intensity bulbs for efficient distribution of light on the production panel and floor, the latter mandates advances tasked lighting. This ensure maximum efficacy in terms of precision, quality of output, employee productivity, and inspection of produced units.

2.Keep the Heat Generation Factor in Mind

Employee foot traffic and the nature of industrial procedures inside a particular setting need to be taken into account when choosing lights. It’s always a good option to choose light bulbs that emit lower amount of energy as compared to the traditions CFL bulbs.

Excess heat producing lights can make high traffic areas even hotter and lead to discomfort. Moreover, it also impacts heat-sensitive products like food, medicines, vaccines, etc.

With heat producing lights, you’ll need to blast ACs that’ll contribute to higher energy consumption.

LED lights also help keep your building’s temperature at an optimum degree.

3.Colour Rendering

Did you know that the type and quality of a light bulb affects human’s perception of colours? A surface that’s white might not appear the same to you under a warm light. This is a critical aspect that must be kept in mind when choosing new lights for an industrial setting.

Lights come in various undertones such as white, yellow, pink, and cool hues. This particular factor is important for production units where colour precision and accuracy is a critical issue. For example, in electronics sector, close examination of electronic components is a serious QA task that requires correct colour rendering lights. The same goes for choosing lights for printing presses or pharmacies.

Choosing LED lights over CFL bulbs could save you as much as 45% of your entire utility costs. Choose lights that are recyclable, noise-free, and anti-toxic.

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